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Tree Pests and Diseases

Trees within The Yorkshire Dales are subject to numerous different pests and diseases. Should you suspect your tree has a problem, then please contact me to take a look. Potential tree problems might include: attack by wood decay fungi, crown dieback, defoliation.

Please be aware that by removing the fruiting body (fungi), you are doing little good. The fungus will still remain in the tree.

oyster mushroom

Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) infecting an ash tree, which is already suffering from ash canker. Oyster mushroom is quite common and can result in limb breakage/death. Ash canker is also quite common around The Dales. This bacterial disease renders timber useless, except for firewood, and may result in the death of the odd branch or two.

oyster mushroom on elm

Oyster mushroom, this time on dead/dying elm.

birch polypore

Birch polypore (Piptoporus betulinus). Very common, usually seen on woodland birch, rather that those in urban locations.

cramp balls

Cramp balls or King Alfred's cakes (Daldinia concentrica). An indication that your ash tree is under major stress. Usually seen on old dying/dead trees.

dryad's saddle

Dryad's saddle (Polyporus squamosus), another very common wood decay fungus. Often seen on old pruning wounds.

Kretzschmarie deusta

The inconspicuous, but highly significant Ustulina deusta. Now correctly called Kretzschmarie deusta. Often seen around the roots and lower bole of beech. This 'charcoal-looking' fungus causes rot of the root plate, making windblow likely to happen without warning..

shrub death

Shrub death due to de-icing salt damage.

hawthorn death

Death of hawthorn. Again due to de-icing salt.